Nothing About Me Without Me plus palm print

Hebrew: Shum davar le'gabeinu, mi'biladeinu

French: Rien sur moi sans moi

German: Nichts ueber mich ohne mich

Hungarian: Semmit rolam nelkulem

Intet om mig uden mig

Latin: nihil novi sine communi consensu

Polish: nic o nas bez nas

Spanish: Todo con nosotros, nada sin nostros

Afrikaans: Niks oor my, sonder my

Japanese: watashitachino koto wo watashitachi nukide kimeruna

Ad Hoc Committee and meetings



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Excerpt: participation tips

    from A "Rough" Guide to NGO Participation in the Development of a Treaty on the Rights of People with Disabilities - no longer on line

Web pages with background:

UN Human Rights and Disability

Declaration of Quito  Quito NGO Statement

Rights For All

Expert Group Meeting on the Comprehensive and Integral International Convention to Promote and Protect the Rights and Dignity of Persons with Disabilities

Inter-American Institute on Disability


Nothing About Me Without Me plus palm print