The Madness Group

The Madness Group is a family of electronic services for people who experience mood swings, fear, voices and visions.   We provide mutual support.  We advocate.  We are genuine grass roots unbeholden voices in mental health policy and services.

The Madness Group creates a decentralized electronic forum and distribution device.   People who experience mood swings, fear, voices and visions (People Who) exchange strategies for changing existing public mental health systems, and provide each other mutual support.

Omega Graphic The letter omega is the symbol, in electrical work, for resistance.  When used this way, the capital omega is pronounced ohm, the name of the resistance unit. The letter delta is a symbol for change.  The Madness Group family of lists and works has a logo using these symbols and is combining the images with the words resistance, change, and transformation.
  • MADNESS   The Madness Group original list
  • Aging Madly  Older People Who - name reserved until list is wanted and started
  • Act-Mad  Mental Health Activism Discussion
  • ClubMad
  • If-We-Build-It   Owners and workers infrastructure list
  • Mad-AdHoc  Ad Hoc list for short term projects
  • MadCarers  Supporters of People Who - contact Coordinator if you'd like to own
  • MadCrones Senior Women - name reserved until list is wanted and started
  • MadGrrls    Feminist forum for women
  • MadSpirit   Spirituality and Madness
  • OzMad  Australian Mad Movement voices
  • TwoHats  Mental Health Consumer and Employee Discussion List
  • WNUSP  World Network of Users/Survivors of Psychiatry

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AMHA  Association for Mental Health Alternatives

History: Sylvia, the Internet, and The Madness Group: 1994 - 1998