These comments have been revised from those I submitted last time to include experience from Chile.  Sylvia.  1 July 00

Selection process suggestions for international meetings

Panel to judge composed of those who have been before but are not applying for funding, and then a balance of user views, geography, diversity, gender, etc.- I think this worked well in 1999.

Set some fraction of scholarships for new consumers - one-third? one-half?  All new people provides no continuity.

Negotiate group registration discount from Congress organizer.

All U S users who attend the meeting, whether funded by CMHS or not, whether selected by CMHS or not, should be considered part of the official delegation, given any special reception invitations, etc. Otherwise, there is a disincentive to self-funding.  Make sure WFMH DC staff know this, and Congress contact.

Start the application process early enough so that winners have time to answer the Call and apply to be presenters.  The 01 deadline is December 15.

I tested a few airfares from the US to Vancouver.  It looks like it costs more to fly from the West Coast (700) than the East Coast (450) so the overall air costs will be less and the housing costs may be more than for Santiago or Dublin.

Criteria to be selected for funding

Fund CMHS and NMHA (national) consumer point people (Paolo, Brian)

Fund WFMH consumer Board members (Sylvia)

Fund WNUSP Interim Committee member (Maria Mar)*

Fund one member of the CMHS Consumer Advisory Council

Report backs: allow both oral (dictated to clear audible tape) and written (electronic).

Funding for a first Congress

Demonstrated active involvement at international and national levels.

Plan for report back and for dissemination and for continuing the national and international networking.

Subsequent funding for another Congress

After funded Congress, demonstrated active involvement at national and international levels.

After funded Congress, demonstrated dissemination.

After funded Congress, submitted report.

Presented at funded Congress.

Subsequent Congress, take responsibility for mentoring one selectee who is attending for the first time

Two/thirds fund second Congress. One/third fund third Congress. Do not fund any one person more than three times. Or maybe match raised funds. Or maybe fund air and registration for second Congress and registration only for third.

Leveraging the participation

*Support the WFMH Consumer Advisory Panel by, if other criteria are met, funding the elected U S Panelists.  This is currently (2000) the WNUSP Interim Committee

Consider setting up some sister-city arrangements with the host country and some U S user groups. This might help U S users fund raise and might sustain the connections made.

Consider developing CMHS support for an international consumer communication tree of some kind in addition to the Internet list WNUSP has. Networking attempts fail because of the costs of communicating, and at each Congress, users reinvent our organization.



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