Howie the Harp, 1952 - 1995 photo and scanning - Irene Lynch

Howie the Harp

Quinn Rossander, d 1998 photo - Caryl Wattman; scanning - John Basham

Quinn Rossander


6 photos from Alternatives 99 Memorial Ceremony - John Basham


Carmen Meek, d June 5, 1998

Carmen Meek

Connie Starcher
Gregory Judy Ritchie
Louise Wahl Quinn Rossander


Rae Unzicker (August 20, 1948 - March 22, 2001)

                                                   Black ribbon displayed as symbol of grieving 

Contributions in her honor to rights organizations.  Acknowledgements to
The Unzicker Family
804 S Phillips
Sioux Falls, SD 57104

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