Nothing except the interpreting column below is original. I did a cut and paste from at least a dozen web pages and did not pay attention to the citations. Then I tried to combine the ideas. I expect there are more. I’m thinking we could pick a handful and begin to use them as our mantra, along with the reinterpretation of "stigma" as discrimination.

Public health looks at the nexis between the individual, the behavior, and the social and physical context. Public health professionals focus on (a) preventing, identifying, investigating, and eliminating community health problems and hazards; (b) assuring that the community has access to competent personal health care services; and (c) educating and empowering individuals to adopt more healthy behaviors. Public health emphasizes education, because without an informed and tolerant public, media and opinion can block healthy interventions. Public health interventions are population- based and shift the focus away from the individual, for instance disability accommodations like ramps and signage and flex-time.

In the context of the issues of people who experience mood swing, fear, voices and visions, I’ve interpreted some of the public health words.

safe environment

no risk of involuntary community interventions

diverse and vibrant economy

employment opportunities and accommodations


non-contingent independent housing

respect and support

see individual, not diagnosis


consumer culture (see Sally’s article  COSP common ingredients)


accessible flexible health care for all
parity for voluntary mental health services
holistic definition
emphasize prevention


60% consumer representation everywhere
home Internet access to share information


supported re-entry education

family values

abuse, incest, battering, domestic violence, trauma


accept people’s spiritual experiences as significant not pathological

Healthy v. Unhealthy

optimism v. cynicism
collaboration v. confrontation
focus on unification v. focus on division
"we're in this together" v. "not in my backyard"
solving problems v. solution wars
broad public interest v. narrow interests
consensus building v. polarization
interdependence v. parochialism
tolerance and respect v. mean_spiritedness
trust v. questioning motives
politics of substance v. politics of personality
challenge ideas v. challenge people
problem_solvers v. blockers & blamers
reconciliation v. hold grudges
individual responsibility v. me_first
renewal v. gridlock
focus on future v. redebate the past
listening v. attacking
community discussions v. zinger one_liners
diversity v. exclusion
win_win solutions v. win_lose solutions
citizenship v. selfishness
empowered citizens v. apathetic citizens
patience v. frustration
healers v. dividers
sharing power v. hoarding power
we can do it" v. "nothing works"








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