Date: Wed, 07 Jan 1998 09:08:51 -0500

Subject: Honoraria Practices
Thank you for your interest in CMHS

honoraria practices.  After much

discussion with staff and other Federal

agencies, I have developed principles to

guide future CMHS honoraria practices.

My goal in developing the guiding

principles is to have a consistent practice

for awarding honoraria within CMHS.

Enclosed please find our policy which will

be reviewed in six months.
I would like to again thank you for

drawing our attention to this important

issue and for the input you provided from

other consumers and professional


Bernard S. Arons, M.D.

This policy provides guidance for awarding honoraria.
This guidance applies to conferences for which CMHS is a

major contributor.  Contracts already drafted are exempt.
A review performed of CMHS honoraria practices indicates

that Divisions and Offices vary in recognizing speakers invited to make

presentations at conferences for which CMHS is a major contributor.  This

guidance has been developed to assist project officers in applying

consistency in awarding honoraria.
Project officers and Division Directors have the authority

to compensate speakers invited to play a significant role in a conference

when CMHS is a major funding contributor at the standard Government rate of

$200.00.  Project officers are responsible for using professional judgement

to determine if a speaker has a significant role in a conference (i.e. a 2

hour presentation) and whether CMHS is a major funding source.  Speakers may

waive the honorarium if they are being paid for the time by their

employer or for any other reason they deem appropriate.