CA M H Information Management
San Mateo, March, 2003

200 present. A coalition of behavioral systems with an information technology (IT) focus has been formed among 24 CA counties.

Organizer Tom Trabin ensured consumer presence and CMHS funding for Catherine Bond (LA Project Return), Michelle Curran (consultant) and me. Trabin noted that the optimum panel size was three, and that worked well for the conference.

Manderscheid: NFMHC report will be out April 29, noted the importance of cultural competence and the complexity of funding streams, pointed listeners to the 15 background papers at In the fall, there will be a meeting to finalize common performance measures about administration, access, quality, efficacy. - 6/7 reports about the quality chasm, medical errors, ... are worth reading. It is unlikely that HIPAA electronic transaction non-compliance will be implemented as of the 10/17/03 deadline. It is exception enforcement since there isn’t funding for anything more rigorous.

Clinical notes patient record software was demonstrated. A point and click to key words expands a macro to insert a whole clinical sentence. It seemed to me that soon all charts could sound like each other.

Michelle asked a plenary panel were there consumer/family members on the teams when software vendors were chosen. No, and the panelists didn’t seem apologetic. As chair, Trabin took the issue broad, and talked about interweaving data into policy and therefore ensuring input.

Medical v recovery models:

Medical: reduced symptoms -> higher functioning , > higher life quality

Recovery: higher life quality - > higher functioning - > reduced symptoms