People Who Net staus report 1/00 went down January 14 at around 11 AM.  The outage has been caused by problems with the Seattle telephone company Rainier Web Services uses for the line to the Internet.,, and other services provided through RWS went down too, as well as Eileen's e mail and phone line.  Messages in the queue have been lost.

E mail addressed to of course has also bounced. I have changed my primary address to (yes, we have both domains - and ).  Please update your address books for me.

St Johns University has generously allowed me to re-establish this iris list there.   It will be announce only, no replies, default option is digest.  I have subscribed all the mail, index, and digest former iris subscribers, I have not subscribed the nomail subscribers, I have set all the subscribers to digest except I have set the six who had mail set to index to index again.  Look at the headers for the usual subscribe and unsubscribe information.  Please let others know this is now here - I do not have the actmad subscribers list.

Free hosting is availabe at , , and other places.   I encourage people to use those services to stay connected and continue the networking we have had in place.

I would like to have a discussion to re-vision how we are using the Internet, about how best to manage a resource when there are free list software sites (egroups, topica, ... ), when web hosting space comes along with many ISP arrangements, there is free ISP access (, ... ), AOL is providing DSL, ... and the trade-off for the low/no costs is ads.   Is this a wonderful way to leverage our resources?  Is this analogous to accepting pharmaceutical money? What about centralizing - good or bad?  And if we decentralize, how coordinate? ...

If I have advance news about the status of the lists, I will post it here.  But I would expect we will just know if we begin to see mail flow again.  Rainier Web Services will probably discontinue its hosting services and continue its web design services.  Eileen has a full-time job at Mindspring.   She and I are both feeling sad at all the development work that is not coming to blossom.