7 a A copy of the proposed Articles of Incorporation are attached as Exhibit A

7 b A copy of the bylaws are attached as Exhibit B

7 c People Who Net is a new organization, just now incorporating.

7 d

Proposed Budget 1999

Receipts from contributions 200.00

Expenditures to incorporate 200.00

Assets 0

Liabilities 0

7 e

The primary purposes of People Who Net are to be a charitable public benefit corporation.

People Who Net builds value on the Internet for people who experience mood swings, fear, voices and visions. The People Who Information Center organizes direct electronic access to people, discussions and data through lists, links, and a library.

7 f


People Who Information Center - Proposed Five Year Work Plan

Year One: E Mail

Research applicable public and private funding streams, develop a set of basic materials and a network of those to write support letters, and begin application process.

Install Lyris software and establish e mail lists, and for each, archives and a simple related web page. Make other domains available.

Create the StateNet list for state focused discussions, and a state umbrella list to disseminate state focused announcements

Create consumer lists: California, Iowa, Massachusetts, Nebraska, New Jersey, New York, Oregon, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Texas, Washington

Invite to create consumer list: Alaska, Arizona, Florida, Kentucky, Missouri, North Dakota, Pennsylvania


Contact half of those awarded State Networking Grants to offer e mail discussion list hosting

Establish a support list for Lyris list owners. Continue the existing national and international mailing lists: Act-Mad, ClubMad, Mad-GLBT, MadGrrls, MadSpirit, TwoHats, WNUSP, WFMH-SCL and create others as demand indicates. Expand Act-mad into an set of focused, action-oriented, integrated lists. Create a list for managed care networking. Create a list for older adults. Create a list to discuss relational theory and paradigm change for professionals and Women Who. Offer hosting services to NAMI Consumer Council, NMHA Consumers, supporters. Advertise list hosting availability quarterly through UseNet news groups.

Maintain an electronic dialogue with CONTAC, NEC, and NMHCSHC. Coordinate with KEN, PIE, MentalHealthNet (WFMH).

Disseminate bulletins and other information

Year Two - World Wide Web

Continue prior year’s work.

Develop the People Who Information Web Site.

Explore collaborating with HSRI to develop an evaluation model, an efficacy measure.

Consider memberships and solicitations.

Year Three - People Who Library

Continue prior years’ work.

Expand the MADNESS gopher into a web based library.

Year Four and Five - Sustainability

Continue prior years’ work.

Expand KEN’s start to support the full development of a c/s voluntary personal contact information database.

Market list hosting, web hosting, and dial up services.

Use the materials developed by Boston University to create and market a training module.

Host an Internet Consumer Conference and/or make the Alternatives Conference net available.


Education presentations:

Alternatives, CMHS Grantees Meetings, CMHS National Advisory Council, IASPRS, NAPAS NARPA, NMHA Beers Conference, State Networks, WFMH.

Develop Master Trainer positions, a Train-the-Trainer module, and a trainer network.

Coordinate with Departments of Rehabilitation and Departments of Education. Collate employment successes for contracts obtained because of technical skills learned through People Who Net.

7 g People Who Net plans to use incorporation and tax-exempt status to answer government and foundation grant requests for applications. People Who Net may solicit e mail subscribers directly.

7 h People Who Net is a newly-formed organization, not yet incorporated, with no discontinued activities.

7 i People Who Net holds no leases.

7 j A print out of the home web page is attached as Exhibit C

11 b A unsubstantial amount of effort and no additional costs will be devoted to forwarding e mail related to legislative issues.

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