The People Who Board of Directors met by email on Saturday, October 30, 2010 at 10 AM PST. /documents, /readingroom and /lists pages are maintained at a basic level of usefulness.    Materials that have no other home are uploaded. The website has not been modernized; bad links have not been corrected. Organizing and legal documents have been scanned and uploaded /aboutus and most hard copies discarded. received over 80,000 visits in the last 12 months.  

The iris email announcement list, hosted by ICORS, has 173 subscribers and has shifted content towards health in general, ways to organize, some politics, some technology, a bit of philosophy. Since the focus has broadened, periodic reminders about the list's availability have not been sent. Iris messages are short, URLs with a brief quote or subject line. No interest has been expressed in instead having a blog in order to include comments and discussion.

People Who received a scam demand, asking for fees to register with California, and notified the attorney general.

People Who presented briefly to the US State Department as information was gathered for the UN periodic human rights review.

Expenses: $100 WordPerfect Office X5

signed X Richard Ratledge, Secretary